Inside the Mirror Review by Amjara


Inside the Mirror is a story written and illustrated with love and soul. A beautiful tale of the struggles it takes to overcome & emerge through grief and sadness.

I started off with my typical review template when I sat down with this game. Half way through the novel I scrapped my review and realized breaking apart this novel into chunks was a mistake. Over analyzing the novel was not doing it justice. It needed to be written at the end of my experience and as a whole body of work.

Yes, feature wise it is bare bones, no manual saves and really no settings. The artwork is gorgeous and the soundtrack beautiful but it is the story that is the heart of this kinetic novel.

The store description really does not do the heart of this story justice. The depth of the writing, the artwork that brings the story to life are simply magical and heartbreaking. Anyone who has dealt with real tragic grief will understand the main character, Yumi. I am not going to spoil the story here in my review, it has to be experienced and I recommend going in blind.

It is a story that is heartbreaking and sad but not without wisps of hope and light. Traversing through extreme grief and sadness, struggling to remember who you are, letting the pain change you and learning to heal. If it is based on a true story then my heart goes out to the devs. Hopefully they found some peace and healing while making this novel. It is truly a beautiful gift told through grief and heartache. ❤️‍

Thank you to my wonderful friend for such a thoughtful gift.

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