Regency Solitaire II Review by Amjara


Are you ready to revisit Bella in Regency Solitaire 2 and tour historic hotspots, meet up with some old acquaintances and be the hostess with the mostess in the garden party of the century?

The Story
Regency Solitaire 2 is a sequel to the popular original Regency Solitaire that was released in 2015. When I was asked if I would like to review this game I can honestly say I was excited. I waited for 9 years, like many, to return to Regency Britain alongside Bella and experience her continued adventures. This time to create the perfect garden party! Play your cards right, unlock secret levels and be front row and center to a love story in bloom.

Game-play & Features
Regency Solitaire 2 is a solitaire game that as you play you unlock garden decor that helps you transform your garden for the garden party of the century and power ups to help you along the way. Also a special costume for Bella to wear.
The game is divided into 18 chapters (each chapter having 10 hands/levels) and each chapter having different objectives. You can restart a hand at any time by hitting the menu button and if you fail to get a perfect 3 stars on a level can retry the level or continue. However if you hit continue and fail to get 3 stars on a level you cannot go back and replay it, you have to replay the whole chapter again.

After you finish the main story campaign there are additional chapters in the Collector's Edition that further the story however in these levels you will not collect any money or have any further upgrades. You will however have access to all your power-ups from the main story

Game-play Tips

  • The store is for purchasing garden upgrades and power ups as you progress through the game. You can not unlock these items sooner or buy any additional Jokers or Wild cards. They are given in the game levels as you play only but are plentiful.
  • Levels can be replayed or restarted BUT if you continue to the next level there is no way to go back to complete a previous level without restarting the whole chapter again. So if you are a 3 star achiever like myself and do not get all 3 stars make sure to hit replay. If you continue you cannot go back.
  • If you collect Wild cards or Jokers during a level and have to replay the level you do keep the cards you picked up!
  • When you use the trident power-up to remove multiple cards it does not work on stacked cards. So if you have two cards left but are stacked it will only remove the top one. To remove stacked cards you will eventually unlock the Cascade power-up that will do this.
  • This game was not made for ultra wide monitors and you will be more comfortable playing this game in windowed mode if you do play on an ultra wide.

The Visuals & Audio
Beautiful artwork, clean hud that is organized, colorful and polished. It is like the artwork of the original but updated with fresh bolder colors and higher resolution. In the background is a selection of instrumental classical music which suits the theme of the game perfectly.

I wish this game did have a gallery of the backgrounds and character art. The artwork is gorgeous and I would have loved to have seen some wallpapers to highlight it.

Overall Experience

Going back to Regency England, revisiting Bella was like an old friend I have not seen in almost a decade. I loved the artwork and characters. The story is fun and the gameplay challenging. Regency Solitaire lovers of the first game will enjoy this one. You don't have to play the first one but I highly recommend that one as well to enjoy the game as a series. 🌷

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