Otome Reviews

A Pinch of Magic is a free, short yet adorable otome where you help your grandma restore her failing coffee shop while finding love along the way.

Bewitching Sinners is an absolutely wonderful Otome/BL Visual novel set in a world full of many beautiful wonders, including its delightful romance interests.

The Dawn Of A Flower is a beautifully illustrated otome. As a princess disguised as a prince, dodge danger & find romance as you strive to save your country.

Serafina's Saga: Awakened is a well written romance/adventure novel where you play as Serafina, a young girl raised in the jungle but whose fate lies in the heart of the Kingdom of Krondolee.

Autumn Spirit is a heartfelt romantic story of a woman, fed up with her current life, leaves everything behind and goes into exile to find inner peace and self reflection. Only once there she realizes she is not alone and a lonely spirit shares her in solitude.

A heartwarming Christmas romance otome with a script better than many of its celluloid peers. A believable MC, attractive love interest and likeable supporting characters.

Soul Light is a story of a young, simple girl that is forced to accept her magical gifts on a quest to save her village.

A unique otome twist to the Robin Hood story. With gorgeous art, beautiful music and sound effects and a compelling storyline, this is a must buy! Beware, only one love route is available for now.

With only one month left to live, what would you choose to do? A sweet Otome about living life to the fullest with the people that you care about. You never truly know how much time you have left.

Made Marion is set in the land of Avalon, a magical & exciting fantasy world. The game is inspired by the tales of Robin Hood with the feisty Lady Marion taking the lead.

Demonheart: The Cursed Trial is an amazingly well written otome where you play as a woman with a demonic heart who is thrown together in a group of suspicious individuals who are all hiding their own dark secrets. Who can you trust and will you find romance along the way?

The Replay Boys is an otome where you play as Hannah temporarily managing an up and coming all-boys band. So your job is to manage this cute band while staying professional…good luck ;)