Cats and Seek: at Dino Park Review by Amjara


Cats and Seek: Dino Park is such a delightful seek & find game that really goes beyond in providing settings that make it customizable by the user.

Game-play & Features
You can change the colors of the line-art, the cats and the shade of the map. Also you can increase or decrease brightness and adjust contrast. The hud is clean and provides easy access to hints, zoom controls and the settings menu.

Some of the highlights include:

  • 6 maps all set in a Dino park setting
  • Limited interactive elements but some like opening up box lids
  • Each cat has a cute name & description accompanying them
  • Each level has secret cats to find that unlock a gallery where you can view the secret cats & their descriptions
  • Lots of achievements for achievement hunters
  • You can change the background music with 3 provided tracks in the settings mode!
  • They removed the achievements tied to the timed modes so that is a huge plus! Edited my review to reflect their changes.

Outside of that the only negative I found for me personally was not having the ability to pan the zoomed in map with my keyboard and having to use my mouse to move around.

Overall Experience
A great game for a great price that is suitable for the whole family to play. The scenes are busy and detailed but with the user being able to control pretty much every aspect of color, contrast and brightness per map you can make it much easier to suit your needs. 🐈

I received this game as a gift from a loving friend.

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