Visual Novel Reviews

Still Joking is a high quality visual novel mixed with interactive gameplay and a well-written narrative that is worth reflecting on.

Witchy Life Story is an adorable, wholesome game where you take on the role of a witch sent to help out the small town of Flora with the harvest festival.

I Deserve a Happy Ending is a boy-love novel about a prince who never got his happy ending. It is up to us, the reader, to help him find one and maybe romance along the way.

Two must come together to save a kingdom in danger in Moonflower, one an alchemist catboy and the other a mysterious raven-haired elf.

Floralgraphic Memory is whimsical, magical visual novel of a teenager named Rose who decides to skip school and whisk themselves away to a magical world.

Hira Hira Hihiru follows a young doctor and high school student who must confront the horrifying disease known as Aerodema. A disease that brings the dead back to life, but changed.

Dreambound is a story-rich, boy-love visual novel about an artist, Noah, who has the ability to enter dreams in the flesh as he tries to piece back together his broken life.

Argumentum ad culpam is a Gothic visual novel set in a world of eternal agony and despair. Be an observer and a judge to a battle of wits that will ultimately determine the outcome of what will be for all.

Every Letter is a unique, free game where you are a letter writer tasked with writing letters of various topics at the request of clients.

Horrific Xanatorium, published by KEMKO, is a short visual novel where you follow Rui Genzaki as he suffers with a virus, Spiria, and its side effects.