com__et Review by Francisca


Com__et is a queer romance/horror visual novel that cleverly combines choices and hidden words.

Don't you hate it when someone answers their own questions? I do. 

The story is about following a set path, but important words are hidden until you uncover them through your actions. The game challenges you to explore, discover, and break free from the predetermined story, giving a sneak peek into what lies beyond the concealed words.

With a captivating 6000 words, com__et transports you to a stunning world. It has a great soundtrack with four songs, including a dynamic track that changes with the story. The visuals are impressive, capturing powerful moments that stir deep emotions.

A notable feature is the game's ability to surprise and engage you by adapting to their choices. The story has different paths, leading to five possible endings and one false one, encouraging you to explore hidden words and revelations. The game also teases a unique "____ End," urging you to discover its secrets.

What sets com__et apart is its ability to evoke strong emotions through storytelling. It skillfully explores fleeting moments, depicting the sensation of a wandering mind, drifting into memories and snapping back to reality—an experience well portrayed in the game's story.

In short, if you love engaging stories, com__et is a must-try. It has a unique concept, an interesting story, beautiful artwork, and soothing music. It's a great choice for those who enjoy short and unique visual novels.

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