Doronko Wanko Review by Amjara


Doronko Wanko is a fun, free, adorable game where you play as a Pomeranian who loves to cause chaos and mayhem by splashing mud, paint and wine all over the new family's house.

Setting the Interface to English

This game starts off with the default Japanese. Here is how to change it to English. I used a mouse and keyboard for my play-through. Instructions lifted from OldAngryGasm on Youtube (go show them some love)!

  1. Pick either of the first two smaller text options, controller or M & KB work fine.
  2. Use either 'E' for keyboard or R1/RB on controller to get to the 2nd tab at the top.
  3. Use arrows on keyboard or d'pad on controller to scroll down to the 3rd option "言語" and hit right to "English''.
  4. It will now be in English, just exit back out of the options.

The Story & Game play Features
This cute, free game is all about you being an over-the-top adorable Pomeranian who loves to get muddy and make a mess all over your master's new home. Your family is planning a moving-in party but you have other plans! Roll around in mud, ink, paint and wine and go to town shaking yourself and making a mess everywhere. The more damage the better. As you do more damage you will unlock new power ups such as an ink gun hat that allows you to do even more damage.

  • Collectables and gifts awarded the messier you get and more damage you do. 
  • Collect badges and accessories to customize your adorable doggo. 
  • Use tools in the environment to help you make a bigger mess such as a desk fan 
  • Lots of hidden areas to explore! And each room in the house feels unique. 
  • Easy to play and wholesome fun for everyone.

This game is plain and simple fun. It rewards you for being destructive and chaotic and a down right messy, fluffy, adorable little terror on four legs. 🐕

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