Hidden Cats in Berlin Review by Amjara


Hidden Cats in Berlin is another adorable cat seek & find game from Nukearts Studio.

I really like the games by Nukearts Studio. They are great for all ages, especially the young ones. As you seek out the cats the buildings, cars, streets and trees slowly colour in as you complete the areas. Visually it is a smart design move that reduces eye strain and makes it easy to look for cats in areas you've yet to complete. The colour of the maps are also on different shades of colours and not your typical black lines on a white glaring background. Much appreciated for these eyes!

Options include audio controls, meow effect volume (cats will meow if your in the area of an unfound one), resolution, colourblind mode, dark-mode, zoom controls and edge scrolling. Basically this game has mega features to make playing it more comfortable across the board. 

You unlock secret levels that you can play after finishing the advanced mode where you find secret special cats that unlock them. You also unlock special cards around Berlin like the Berlin wall that gives you pop up info cards with information on the monument. 

I will say my only gripe with the games put out by Nukearts Studio is the final bonus level that in this game is called The Underground Party. In all their games they put a bonus level that includes 100 cats to find and 100 various people. I really honestly dislike these levels. Finding the cats is fun, the people not so much. The map is huge and there are just so many people and so much going on in the image that I find it too busy and not very fun. However if you're an achievement hunter you will need to complete this level to get 100%. 

Overall a fun, wholesome time for everyone that has an educational twist.😻

Thank you to my wonderful friend for such a thoughtful gift.

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