Hidden Cats in Breeze Village Review by Amjara


Hidden Cats in Breeze Village is another adorable seek & find kitty game by Peach Rain.

The features are pretty standard for games in this genre, audio controls, language selection, screen size and a button to reset progress. This game does have a hint button with 6 hints but if you're in an area with a hidden kitty it will also meow out. The louder the meow the closer you are to finding it.

What I feel the game needs:

  • The game is all drawn using heavy line weights. Thus causing eye strain and making the drawing look disheveled. Varied line weights will allow you to add details but keep the overall drawing from looking clunky and heavy.
  • Implement controls for brightness OR make different colors available to change the color of the map. This will help with eye strain.

A few small gripes but worth mentioning if you have issues with eye strain. Overall a cute game, short and fun. The young one might enjoy this one as well, the cats are easy for the most part to find and you can also search for butterflies, paper planes and birds. 🐈

Thank you to my wonderful friend for such a thoughtful gift.

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