Hidden Winter Cats Review by Amjara


Find adorable kitties in a winter wonderland in Hidden Winter Cats.


Game highlights:

  • There is a hint button but it does take a bit to recharge
  • Easy to find cats that young ones would find enjoyable
  • Achievements (they now work properly)
  • Change colors of unfounded cats by hitting the pause button and selecting from the color options show below. The next cats you find will show the new color you selected!
  • The game now saves your progress! The devs have worked hard to implement this, I have tried it out and it does work

Missing features;

  • *Allow for windowed mode. This would benefit users with widescreen when it comes to zooming. In the meantime users of wide screens can alt+enter to force windowed mode. I recommend this to avoid the bouncing effect of using the zoom.
  • Put in glare control or make the maps different shades of color instead of just plain white

Overall Experience

Ok so I have gone back and forth on this review. I change my viewpoints when the developer tries to fix stuff and works with me to understand the issues.

I am happy to report the developers have worked hard to fix the most glaring issues. It now saves your progress! My biggest gripe, and many others, has been fixed. So I give a big round of applause to the developers. They were transparent in wanting to fix the issues and they worked hard to make it happen. So hopefully all those who left negative reviews can re-visit the game and give it another try.

It is obvious to me the developers care about this game and the level of effort they have put into fixing the game shows. 🐱

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