Witchy Life Story Review by Amjara


Witchy Life Story is an adorable, wholesome game where you take on the role of a witch sent to help out the small town of Flora with the harvest festival.

The Story
You play as a young witch for the famous family of Von Teasel's. You're on a quest to help the small town of Flora with their annual harvest festival that has been dwindling over recent years. Not a quest that you volunteered for but one you got roped into by dear old grandma.

During your stay in the town you have the opportunity to find romance. Three love interests are available. Neisha, an overly stressed artist. Devin, the personable yet anxious musician and Jonas, the construction worker.
This game is wholesome fun for everyone. It encompasses elements of various genres and mixes them together. It has some visual novel elements, crafting, dating and gardening. But at its core it is mostly a visual novel.

Gameplay & Features
Your day starts off daily with a letterbox full of requests from the town folk. The crafting mini-game is simple in nature. You receive requests for potions, oils, incense and charms. You harvest plants and buy ingredients from the local shop to concoct your creations alongside your trusty grimoire. As you deliver the orders to the residents you will engage in conversations that develop your relationships with the town folk and potentially a love interest.

One feature I do have to highlight in this game is how much real life advice is strewn throughout. The game does deal with characters struggling with anxiety and stress. As a witch you do craft potions and such for them but you also talk about real life relaxing techniques like envisioning exercises and meditation.

Menu options are basic but include audio controls and gamepad options for those using a controller. It is a point and click game so I used my mouse. Also this game auto-saves (no saving manually).

Gameplay Tips n Tricks

  • Crystals are important. If you feed Ramey every day he'll provide you with crystals once every few days
  • On day 10 you will get a pamphlet in the mail advertising a sale at the antique shop. This makes getting items much more affordable if you wait for it.
  • Once you've unlocked the ability to enchant the enchantment requests will not show up in your letterbox but in your grimoire under the "orders" tab
  • Don't go crazy buying extra potions bottles, sachets, oil bottles or incense holders. You start off with three free ones and buying an additional 3 will be more than enough at a time to fulfill all our orders.

The Visuals & Audio
You start off the game customizing your character's appearance. And this is where a part of this game shines! There are a variety of skin tones, body types, and hairstyles. And lots of outfits. In game you can also change your looks as you play. So much stylish goodness.

The art style is wholesome, hand drawn and vibrant.
The music was…okay. It is a soundtrack of instrumentals that are charming.

Overall Experience
I enjoyed this game. It was relaxing and wholesome. A feel good game that has some valuable insights to teach as play. It also teaches some great meditation and visualization techniques for coping with stress, anxiety and self confidence.

Achievement hunters take note! The only drawback to the game is having to replay it more than once to fulfill all the achievements. Since the game auto-saves and you cannot create manual saves you have to replay the whole game again multiple times to get the different outcomes and all achievements. Not a tactic for replay value that I am fond of.

I got this game on sale and recommend getting it on sale. The first run took me about five hours to complete (probably a bit less as I was writing this review in between playing). But a relaxing time for a few hours of fun that everyone can enjoy. 🌼

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